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Big budgets have been made to feel small for too long

Subculture Club is an agency alternative for brands who want more dollars to go into building content and connecting with audiences, fewer into building slides and connecting in status meetings.

We take care of the whole go-to-market process. From defining commercial audiences, to developing messaging platforms, to building the right content and media partnerships to get brands into market with purpose. All at the fraction of the price of an agency.

The approach is driven by data and insight about subculture trends, giving the brand an ownable story that has commercial power. 

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We have a fast, efficient approach to developing work. You brief us, we do the work, you approve it, we move forward. It really is that simple.

Our 3-Step Process

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1. Subculture Strategy (2-3 weeks)

We conduct research to establish the commercial audience with the most potential. We explore the profile, attitudes and interests of that audience, and map them to emerging subcultural trends. We then develop 3x brand narratives giving the brand a "way in" to that audience and subculture.

2. Partnership Development (2-3 weeks)

We identify the publishers content creators who know the approved area of subculture best. We collaborate with them to develop content ideas, then connect then with the brand through workshops. We work with selected partners to finalize the content program and negotiate the best possible package of content and media.

3. Go to Market Plan (2-3 weeks)

We define KPIs and align partner activities into a content calendar and media/distribution plan. We supplement partner media with recommended spend and flighting for digital and traditional paid media. We align the plan to PR and earned media activities.

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